Recycled Furniture

A Chair That Survived California’s Camp Fire Gets New Life With a Colorful Makeover

In November 2018, my family and I escaped as a wildfire destroyed our entire town including our home. When we were finally let back into where the town was to dig through the ashes, we found one of our dining chairs that had survived somehow with just a few charred areas. In honor of its survival and everyone who escaped the fire that day, I transformed it into a colorful piece of art.

To makeover my chair, I used several fun art supplies. I started with the painting of a Pheonix. I painted it in a style that would look like stained glass when I added the outlines. I used black puffy paint for that. And to really give it a glassy look, I covered the seat with resin. You can see the full tutorial on my blog, Artsy Karma.