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Alternative & Easy Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

If you like to have Christmas decorations in every room and not only in the living room, you can make a very fast and easy alternative wall Christmas tree. See some ideas bellow.

Washi tape Christmas tree: Just put some washi tape in a tree shape on the wall, and decorate it with Christmas lights in the middle.

Envelope Christmas tree: Put some red envelopes in a tree shape on the wall, this is a great idea for office spaces.

Photo Christmas tree: Make a Christmas tree from past Christmas photos on your wall.

Ribbon Christmas tree: Cut some ribbons using many colors, and then using glue, place them on a canvas. It’s ideal for kids room.

Meter Christmas tree: Put some pieces of old meters on a cabin or wood, using silicon. It’s perfect for man caves.

Driftwood Christmas tree: Make a small ladder but more in a tree shape using pieces of wood, ideal for country houses and outdoor decor.

Christmas Garland: Put a Christmas garland and Christmas lights in a triangle shape on the wall. This is ideal for every room.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!


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