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Amazing Millenium Falcon Made From 3,000 Pieces of Wood by Martin Creaney

This is by far the most incredible woodworking piece I have ever seen; a beautiful Star Wars Millenium Falcon made from more than 3,000 individually carved pieces of wood. Professional woodworker Martin Creaney created this masterpiece, and it took him around 18 months to build it.

Before working on the Millenium Falcon, Martin had previously made an R2D2, an AT-ST Walker, and an X-Wing Fighter. With each project, Martin is getting bigger and bigger. The body of the Millenium Falcon is made from natural Timber, so it should be pretty heavy.

This project started on May 4th, 2014, with, for design example, a toy model he had purchased more than ten years ago. The spaceship is made from a huge mix of wood, including cypress pine, huon pine, blackwood, ebony, Baltic pine, mulga, red cedar, camphor, jarrah, sassafras, rosewood, red gum, and some other unknown species.

Almost every tool in his workshop was used to build the Millenium Falcon, including a lathe, belt sander, detail sander, thickness planer, scroll saw, compound miter saw, table saw, Japanese pull saw, hand planes, chisels, and even a scalpel. The finished Millenium Falcon measures 6 feet long and 5 feet wide and is currently on display in Martin’s workshop.

I can’t stop looking at all the details…


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