Amazing Recycled Arts From Tires, Hubcaps & Rims

Our cars take us to many exciting destinations and help us meet some fascinating people. We met people who have brought their cars from New York to New Mexico, North Dakota to South Carolina, and many other places. We put thousands of miles on our wheels and tires, but where does all that rubber go when the road trips have worn them out? It takes 50 to 80 years for a tire to decompose in a landfill or on the side of the road, so we’ve found some artists who specialize in tires, hubcaps, and rims that take these environmental hazards and turn them into works of art.

Sharon Zigrossi, a Master Gardener in Dallas County, Texas with a BS in Design, first caught our eye in August with her amazing painted and embellished hubcaps. Her artistic eye caught the hint of a sunflower while looking at a hubcap propped again the wall in her garage, and soon she had a whole field of flowers.

I like the think it is my way of recycling trash into flowering treasures that, hopefully, will bring a smile to all those who see them.

She does have designs that reach beyond sunflowers, but she has a special affinity for those. She inspired us so much that we decided to make our own!







A trip across the pond to England takes us to the brilliant mind of Ptolemy Elrington (already showcased on Recyclart). He has many accomplishments, among them being designing and building stages, sets, and working on community projects. While he seems like a busy man, he still finds time to pursue his personal artistic endeavors: Hubcap Creatures. These magnificent animals are made entirely from recycled materials that Ptolemy found. All of the scratches and abrasions they obtain during their life on a car are kept into their lives as art. The fish is amazing, intricate creatures that are very cleverly designed.






After our quick vacation in Brighton England, it’s time for a rest on the sunny beaches of California with Blake McFarland (already showcased on Recyclart). If you’re a baseball fan, his name might sound familiar: He’s a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. Why are we visiting him? Baseball doesn’t have much to do with cars, unless we’re talking about a broken window. Turns out, he creates AMAZING sculptures from tires! From humans to jaguars, Panda bears to baboons, Blake has created one of kind works of art from just the rubber on our tires, foam, and glue. These magnificent sculptures, alone with his beautiful wine cork art, can actually be yours to own as they’re for sale!








Your next flat tire could end up being a part of a Panda. The hubcap that accidentally flew off on your last road trip might become a flower or a fish! The ability to see a sunflower in a dirty hubcap or build a human torso from some tires is truly remarkable. The junk car sitting in your driveway could go from the buyers at to a one of a kind masterpiece!

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