Recycled Cardboard

Amazing Recycled Cardboard Turkey Sculpture

This Cardboard Turkey Sculpture took two years to complete. Working with paper mache, you must work it, let it dry, add more material and repeat.

Make an adorable Cardboard Turkey Sculpture for your holiday centerpiece or mantle!

I wanted this project done before the next Thanksgiving. This sculpture is 43cm tall and 32 centimeters long. There is no internal armature/structure, only cardboard paper mache. Even though turkeys are the main event in Thanksgiving festivities, I suspect the turkeys would appreciate being guests, but not as the main course.

Look what you can do with cardboard! Turn cardboard into a form of paper mache and sculpt while upcycling!
This sculpture of a turkey would make an excellent centerpiece for your holiday decor. Use this technique to sculpt anything you want while upcycling packing materials.

Add outdoor living space with a beautiful Pallet Outdoor Lounger

that’s modular! Sculpt any types of upcycled paper mache animals you want!