by Laporte Francine

Art Products Ecotube

Our objects of art praised utility. Exclusive, refined objects Ecotube are both decorative and utilitarian. Their design is designed to highlight the curves, but also and above all to enrich your environment. Although they all have a personality that is unique, they have a soul which is common. It is the soul Ecotube.

Art products and environmental trends handcrafted from cardboard tubes. Ecotube signed, pencil pot and basket, vase (all purpose) and the plateau (range all) make their way into the category of objects reinvented eco-friendly. Not to mention, gorgeous gems decorations, key chains and pendants unique and original. If you have the zeal and passion for eco-friendly reinvented objects that come to life and sublimate your life, discover what the artist-designer Francine Laporte designed for you.




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