Bag O’ Pee-wees Will Tell Them What You Think!

Have you ever just needed a Bag O’ Pee-Wees in your life? Why wait? Grab a bag right now and let the fun begin! This clever little bag is filled with crocheted stuffies shaped like what was drawn on bathroom walls when we were kids. Guaranteed to make that special someone laughs!

Wrap your hand around this Bag O’ Pee-Wees!

The bag was made from recycled muslin bag, and the Wild Flower Seed Logo is still on the inside of the bag. It is sturdy, with double-chain-stitched seams for a strong bag, since you never know when you will need to “wallop someone with a bag o’ dicks!” It has a strong nylon cord drawstring to tie it closed. Inside, you’ll find three adorable little-crocheted dicks, just to make sure your bag is full! Because one doesn’t make a whole bag and two don’t fill the bag. The outer artwork was designed by my Roller Derby Sister. The dicks were crocheted by another sister. We laser-imaged the artwork directly onto the fabric of the bag. If you didn’t want to make your own bag, you could pick one up at my Etsy store

– and what you see is what you get!  Guaranteed to get some giggles!
Doesn’t everyone need a little bag o’ pee-wees in their lives? Funny, irreverent, and guaranteed to make your friends laugh.
Make them laugh! For the person that has everything, you know they don’t have this! Imagine their surprise when they open up this little bag.
Better than a stress ball any day! Grab this little bag and give ’em a squeeze.
When have pee-wees ever looked better? C’mon – look how cute these are! Plush little stuffies that you could squeeze, throw at a friend when they’re acting like a . . . And when you’re feeling down, just grab these little guys and have a smile!

Here’s a bit more irreverent art – a The Walking Dead Lucille Bat!

You’ll need a nice set of shelves to display your little bag of pee-wees!



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