Basket Made from Recycled Aluminum Pizza Pan

The basket is made from a discarded, 18” diameter, aluminum, pizza pan. The aluminum metal is sturdy at approximately 1/16” (1.6 mm) thick. A design layout was made to bend and cut it into a unique basket. The outer surface is swirl brushed. The inner surface is smoothed with tarnished markings. The pan was cleaned and sanitized. The pan was discarded because of the looks and not its function.

A special tool was used to slightly round any sharp edges. Conspicuous cap screws/nuts hold the shape and give it the “look”. All metal surfaces are smoothed to feel just right. For over the shoulder wearing there is a 41” (104 cm) long nylon webbing strap on each side.

The features of this basket are curved sides, held by sloped ends and an open top. Small non-slip, bottom, rubber feet keep the basket from sliding/slipping off the surface. The dimensions are approximately 14” (36 cm) wide x 7” (18 cm) tall x 4” (10 cm) deep. Weight is 1 lb. (0.45 kg).

Please Note: This is the only one basket available. The multiple images are of the same items from different angles. I do not plan to make another of the same. This basket is exclusive in its design, shape, and style. It is not available anywhere else.