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Beachy Keen Decorative Driftwood Lamps

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make Driftwood Lamps for yourself or as a gift. Just some wire, a macramé ring, a swag lamp kit, and a pile of driftwood. Create simple wire wraps, or make decorative twists and bends to add interest! Additionally, some techniques permanently space the driftwood pieces on the lamp. This wrapping method ensures the wood stays put. It takes about 3 hours to make a light like this.

The next time you’re beachcombing, start collecting supplies for handmade Driftwood Lamps!

Leave the wood natural, use water-based stains, or even whitewash it. Add crystals, beads, shells, and anything else you want to make them truly one-of-a-kind!

Use stains whitewash or paints to create unique colors that compliment your home decor.
Decorate the lamps with seashells, starfish, beads, crystals, and different colors of wire.
Decorative wire-wrapping techniques secure the driftwood pieces in place and are a way to add beads and other decorative elements.
You don’t have use ocean colors as your only choice. I made a bright and cheery lamp with several shades of paints.
Driftwood looks beautiful when whitewashed or painted white. Keep the colors soft with beige, wood-toned beads and crystals.
Add scrap materials, such as chicken wire, old burlap strips that you hand paint or rubber stamp, add shells, stones, beads, and more.