Bench of Thought

A sculpture and a piece of furniture at the same time, Bench of Thought has been carefully constructed using recovered books with wood as a structural reinforcement. Finished with a gloss varnish.

Bench of Thought 1 • Recycled Furniture


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Lisa Hack via Facebook
Lisa Hack via Facebook

Cool idea, love it :)


everlasting fire yes, i indigence make books something like this but didnt be delivered incident, may i repost this Bench of Thought | Recyclart


No problem Rhoda to repost it !

jasmine orchard
jasmine orchard

This is so unusual, I’d love to know how it was made? I can see this in a cool and quirky bookshop somewhere or a modern stylish library- brilliant!


I made a piece almost identical to this when I was in school back in the late 70s. I got a A for the project but it was incredibly heavy and very uncomfortable. It was taken apart after one move.

Marta fernandes
Marta fernandes

Puxa… que barato essa cadeira cultural, vou tentar fazer aqui!

Zawadi Asher


Öko Logisch

Evita Haupt… Bücher zuviel? Das nächste mal bevor entsorgt wird weisste bescheid ;)

Ehdaa Eltigani

It feels comfort when I take my book to my arms and sleep holding it !

Nathan Renaud

V’la le poids du canapé après aussi :/

Maria Goreti Fernandes Moça

É linda, mas eu só faria isso com livros ruins com belas capas… Renata Torres e Luiza Torres

Luiza Torres

Faz com Convergente kkkkk

Scrap wood city


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