Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Bicycle Chain Is Not Just For Bikes

I acquire a lot of used bike chain from local bike shops. I love making different items out of this type of medium. The first step in creating something with the chain is to clean the chain thoroughly. I use an old plastic container like a large orange juice bottle. I fill it with hot soapy water. Then I drop the entire chain into the bottle and replace the lid. I shake the bottle up and down many times so the force will help loosen the debris and grease.

Afterward, I let it soak in the bottle for a few hours and then rinse the chain in hot water and dry with a clean cloth. If the chain is still dirty, use an old toothbrush or a small brush to get in between the links. Once the chain is clean and dry, let your creativity run wild!

Here are some items I’ve made from reclaimed bicycle chain.