Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Do you know that mostly everything on bikes could be recycled or upcycled? Discover what you can do with your old bikes & bike parts and reuse your ancient and unused bicycles into something originals! Never throw away your old bikes, a treasure maybe waiting for you!

New Life For Discarded Bike Parts

  After moving into a house on a steep ridge, we decided to put handrails down to our backyard. We…

2 years ago

Bicycle Chain Is Not Just For Bikes

A reclaimed bike chain has a lot of uses; many things can be made out of it.

3 years ago

Freewheel & Spoke 3 Light Chandelier

This contemporary 3-light fixture is made up of a bicycle hub and recycled silver spokes. The spokes are positioned in…

4 years ago

Keepe – Recycled Bicycle Parts into Jewelry

KEEPE takes used bike parts and let them roll to their new up-cycled purpose as jewelry for cyclist.

4 years ago

Freewheel Pendant Light

We've built this front hub pendant light out of recycled bike parts. Freewheel characteristics: Freewheel hubBlack socket.18 tooth single freewheel cog.18 stainless…

5 years ago

Upcycled No-kill Trophy Head Has Mechanical Bird Friend

Have a unique hunting trophy without killing while upgrading your bicycle. Change out the old seat for a new one…

6 years ago

Metal Sculpture Recycled Chess Pieces

Don't buy cheesy, cheap discount store chessmen. Instead, make your Recycled Chess Pieces. No special skills or techniques are required.…

7 years ago

Cool Upcycled Petrocycle Industrial Lamp

A really cool lamp made from various items i have collected over the last few months.

7 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Inflating Bicycle Tires

Bicycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. However, it is not much fun when your tires are…

7 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit

The recycling and upcycling movement aren't just about creating art pieces. It's also about using and repairing what you have…

7 years ago