Blooming Jewels – Recycled Plastic Bottles into Amazing Jewelry

I started designing plastic jewelry approximately 15 years ago as a student of art. Using recycled plastic at that time was not some great discovery, but a necessity. The material was cheap, and it was everywhere in many shapes and colors. Only by working with it, I realized there was much more to it. In a significant number of cases, it is a substitute for glass. Therefore, it is often transparent and always water-resistant. Besides that it is much lighter than glass, you can cut it, reshape it and most of all; it is almost unbreakable.

My jewelry designs are the same. I mainly focus on earrings and brooches, but I also create necklaces, rings and sometimes sets with bracelets. The added value of “scrap

” is my time and my imagination, which turn it into a super light and affordable contemporary art jewelry. Every single piece is unique because I always work with the material I find. Wearing plastic is fantastic will make you feel comfortable and eco-original.