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Botts Dots Lane Reflector Upcycled Owls

I make cute little Upcycled Owls from the broken street dividers I find on walks. Bott’s Dots are the lane dividers that have saved many lives. I use the broken dots for my projects. The lane dividers are known as Bott’s Dots. The cheery yellow color lends itself to many comical characters.

Use these Upcycled Owls to inspire you when you’re on your walks!

I use other found objects to complete their faces. I glue them to small wooden wreaths and hang them in my home. Additionally, I make these owls as gifts for my owl-loving friends!

This friendly little creature can adorn indoor and outdoor spaces. This idea would also be an excellent springtime wreath for your front door!
You can use this idea to make a variety of Bott’s Dot Critters!
Unleash your creativity. Make owls, birds of many styles, and other critters.

Botts’ dots

are named after Dr. Elbert Dysart Botts, a California Department of Transportation engineer credited with overseeing the research that led to the development of the markers. (Photo courtesy Caltrans)

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