Recycled Furniture

Bright, Cheery Upcycled 1950’s Cabinet

Transform an old, rickety cupboard into a bright and cheery Upcycled 1950’s Cabinet! With a little elbow grease and some creativity, make a beautiful piece of furniture for any room of the house. This was a 1957 cabinet with many layers of paint, and it was in need of repair. The first thing I did was remove and replace some broken wood pieces. Then I removed what seemed to be about a thousand nails and screws on all sides of the cabinet. Finally, it was time for some work!

Elbow grease, gel paint remover, and patience strip those layers of paint from a 1950’s Cabinet!

The gel paint remover revealed three layers of paint: beige, green and blue. Allow the cabinet to fully dry, and begin the sanding work. I filled the numerous holes with wood

filler and resanded after allowing the patch material to dry. Then I started painting with latex whitewash paint, applying it with a roller and brush. We used Rosa for the doors, green, and yellow for the drawers. Once the paint dried well it is necessary to put the varnish … this furniture took me several days to finish it. As a technical comment, I only say that after the painting I sealed it with matte polyurethane to protect it.

Rescue those vintage pieces like a great 1950’s Cabinet!

Un pequeño mueble del año ’57, con muchas capas de pintura y un poco desvencijado… Lo primero que hice fue sacarle algunas maderas rotas, los mil clavos y tornillos que tenía por todos lados y el gancho de la puerta. Con removedor de pintura en GEL y mucha suavidad empecé a sacarle las tres capas de pintura: la beige, la verde y la celeste. Luego de un par de días, (debe secar bien), empecé con el trabajo de lijado. Rellené con masilla para madera todos los agujeritos que minaban la madera y volví a lijar. Después empecé a pintar con (latex) pintura blanca al agua y rodillo o pincel. Así llegamos al color y las pruebas de intensidades…

Rosa para las puertas. Verdes y amarillo para los cajones. Una vez que la pintura secó bien es necesario ponerle el barniz… este mueblecito me llevó varios días terminarlo. Mirarlo, entenderlo, acariciarlo… Como comentario técnico sólo digo que después de la pintura (blanca y de color) lo pinté con baniz transparente mate para protegerlo.

This old cabinet had great structure and lots of storage. I saw the potential!
I applied gel paint stripper according to the directions and gently scraped off three layers of paint.
caption id="attachment_59559" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Time for sanding and filling numerous holes![/caption]
I painted the base of the cabinet white.
Now it is time for the fun part; adding color!
And I kept adding color!
The finished cabinet. The bright colors look great against the white cabinet.
My finished cabinet!