Brilliant Rock Painting Feat by Father & His Kid

It is indeed a fabulous feat by Aaron Zenz and his kids. Working hard for a year, they have successfully painted more than 1,000 rocks and even strategically hid them around the town. The sole aim is to bring to life out of the box street art and make strangers smile.

Brilliant Rock Painting Feat by Father & His Kid 1 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

Aaron explains that in the past, he and his three oldest kids would paint about 40 items in order to hide them in the town. But this one-year rock painting feat has been carried out by him and all six of his kids. Interestingly, the rocks have all been painted in matching pairs.

You can find 50% of these rocks collected together at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum so that visitors can see this bunch at a glance. The remaining matching halves are concealed around the town in absolutely random places. As and when families come across them, they can take snaps.

Brilliant Rock Painting Feat by Father & His Kid 3 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

Each pair has its own distinct personality and face. This painting spree started off as a simple family bonding experience but has now become an immensely popular 2016 ArtPrize entry in Grand Rapids titled “Rock Around”.

Brilliant Rock Painting Feat by Father & His Kid 5 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

Aaron, Grand Haven illustrator, began this feat along with his six kids by bringing together 1,000 rocks of various shapes and sizes. Then choosing one of seven distinct colors, each rock was painted. Following this, each family member selected a color and further beautified each rock by painting unique faces along with character features. All were done in matching pairs.

While 500 are hidden across Grand Rapids, the other 500 create an appealing landscape of colors, patterns, and shapes in the museum. The most wonderful thing about this rock painting is that each color represents one of Aaron’s kids. Similarly, six distinct personalities, belonging to each of the kids, find representation in the rocks. While some appear like monsters, some have the features of princesses, but all are different.

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It`s so fantastik !!!! What a great idea – i love it :)

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