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Build A Wood Fired Oven with Uncoventional Materials

Got mud, sand, agricultural waste straw, coarse saw dust, recycled glass bottles, and some fire bricks? Drooling over wood-fired oven pizzas? Building a wood fired earth oven is easier than you think!

These ovens are great at baking pizzas, breads, cookies, and even casseroles! I made a free mini eBook with lots more details on each step, as well as a super helpful resources list you can access from the link below if you want to dig deeper.
Once you get your hands DIRT-Y, you will fall in love with earth building. It’s a magical way of building that connects us with our essence, with the elements of earth, fire

, water and air, with makers across centuries and continents, and, with one another.
See how you can do it
in a short time with readily available materials!

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