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Addicted to Cardboard Crafts

Cardboard Crafts is my new favorite hobby! As a homeschooler, I (serendipitously) found cardboard crafts to be an interactive, affordable, and fun way to teach my children all sorts of things. It stimulates their imagination, keeps them busy, and, most importantly, helps nurture self-confidence and self-worth. We have made: a kettle, juicer, sewing machine, washing machine, phone, toaster, tea set, and even cupcakes! The sky is the limit for us!

I have two kids, a boy three years old and a girl two years old. It teaches colors, numbers, shapes, 3D dimensions, measuring, tracing, designing, recycling, painting, creativity, cutting, pasting, gluing, decorating, among other things. And, best of all, it does it informally; the best way to teach children!

We made one craft every day using a Cardboard box and other recycled materials lying around in the house. We used fuzzy sticks. Popsicle sticks, bottle tops, string, sticker, wrapping paper, glue, paint, crystal needs, cotton wool, masking tape.

We took a measurement of the original item in the house and replicated it to make a cardboard one.

Happy crafting!


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  • My mum used to do these with us back in the 60s. It's so nice to see a swing back to the old recycling art. There is so much more scope for the imagination & sense of creativity for kids in making things from scratch. My kids loved it too.