Chandelier From Recycled Champagne Corks


What to do with all the champagne corks you have from yesterday’s celebration? Here is one of the most original ideas!

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Are these available and if so where from? Could it be shipped to the UK?


Hi Rachel. I have brought this directly from the designer for my drinks room. the lighting is excellent and looks superb. the product is simply amazing. check out for more info, the designers email and phone number is on there. there is also a video of the product:- good luck getting this.

Tiff C
Tiff C
Reply to  Chet

I’ve not managed to track him nor small LED light fittings down! I’d love one of these. Do you have any further contact details?

Deb Bozewicz via Facebook
Deb Bozewicz via Facebook


Lynne-Maree Pickering
Lynne-Maree Pickering

Angela Ferguson – I have a collection waiting for your new Chandelier :-)

Annette Pavese
Annette Pavese

Sorry Lynne-Maree Pickering just saw you have seen it.

Sally Blefari

small lights i am thinking ?

Ronda Strand

hmmmm thats a thought Robyn OCallaghan

Robyn OCallaghan

It will be a real chore but if you really want one of these I’ll start drinking more Champagne and save the corks for you.

Benoit Dezecot

thanks Tabatha, really cool chandelier, I need one of these ;)

Katherine Rodríguez

Awww I like it !

Green Eileen

We Love it!

Recycling Phoenix

cheers! :)

Dorset Wedding Photographer

love it :-)

Miya Fer Cas

qué buena idea!!!… ;D


Wonder of wonders!

We, with a recycled materials, prepare small display like this

Christelle Chaut

Idée lumineuse


Nice idea! You might be interested in reading and sharing the article about DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Kate Ryan

Emily Wood – keep opening the bottles and you could make one of these!

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