10 Christmas Craft Projects Made Out Of Upcycled Toilet Paper Rolls

As the winter is closing up, the Christmas holiday is also coming faster than we thought. It is always a great feeling when we are making the preparation for Christmas and start to create new home décoration with something unique. You might think that craft creation made from upcycled toilet roll would look cheap. Do not throw up your toilet paper rolls as it’s a perfect time to use them in your Christmas decoration. You can make really amazing crafts for decoration. The following collection of 1o cool and creative Christmas crafts made out of toilet paper rolls will prove your wrong.

Toilet paper rolls advent calendar

Love this easy project and the raw carton colors he kept. You may have found your next original  Christmas calendar.

The complete tutorial on Morning creativity

Songsters to spread holiday cheers

One of our favorite project because it makes you feel like already on holidays!

The complete tutorial on Spoonful

Stars for your Christmas tree

Another version of stars

The complete tutorial in German.

Reindeer project

This one needs precision cutting skills :)

Christmas decor for your table

This one is fascinating too, but I could not find the original link! If you know, it pleases comment, and I’ll credit it!

Reindeers (new version)

The complete tutorial (in Russian but with images).

Of course, here is the Christmas tree

Another advent calendar that can also be used as a garland

The explanations for this garland here

An entire colored village with the Christmas colors

For this one, I couldn’t find the link, but the village is just perfect. I just wonder how they light the houses! If you can find the source, I’ll credit and add a link! And if you have more toilet paper roll projects for Christmas, please send us the link in the comments!


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