Christmas Trees From Upcycled Wooden Pallets

Pallet Christmas trees can be used to decorate any style of home because you can create different styles by using the same form.

  • White Christmas tree: Color the pallet tree with white color if you like to create “white Christmas” decor. Use transparent lights and silver Christmas ornaments.
  • Country chic Christmas tree: Leave the natural shades of wood, and use burlap and old fashion Christmas lights to create a country-style decor.
  • Minimal Christma tree: Make the surface of the wood as smooth as you can and use natural shades to paint it. To create a minimal decor do not use any Christmas ornaments, just use some simple white candles.
  • Colorful Christmas tree: Create a colorful decoration by painting each piece of wood with a different color. Use one color or silver-gold Christmas ornaments.
  • Outdoor Christmas tree: Use pallet trees as outdoor Christmas decor. They are heavier than ordinary Christmas trees, so there are ideal for bad weather or snow.


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Jewels Connolly

Shelley Waretini this is what we made this year for our front garden. We also “rescued” a retarded Xmas tree from Santa’s forest. (I’ve always felt sorry for those guys left behind…)

Shelley Waretini

Oh they are awsome too. So cool. You can buy potted xmas trees at mitre 10 for $35.99

Flow Delreux


Ursula Prinz

This is mine ?


My unconventional christmas tree

Lucia Jertidian
Reply to  POTlab

Very creative.

Lucia Jertidian

Ursula Prinz it’s simple but straight to the point. And gorgeous

Mafe Rincon

Alejandra Vanegas mira para tu árbol. ?

Alejandra Vanegas
Reply to  Mafe Rincon

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

Susan Petter

Very cool.

Caroline Matte

Anne Catherine Matte voilà de quoi t inspirer ;-)

Jennifer Mathieu

Ça me rappelle une année où Félicie en a créé pour Nibelle!

Johnny Green

These people are all so clever and imaginitive, it’s brilliant.

Natalie Morgan

Love these trees! My girls will love them too. Our family dedicated the past year to simplifying, minimizing and recycling and we are keeping the same line in decoration and celebration holidays. Up-cycling wooden pallets into Christmas tree is a lovely idea and our decoration will definitely look amazing this Christmas. Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

Chris Garrod

A couple of mine ???

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