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Christmas Trees From Upcycled Wooden Pallets

Pallet Christmas trees can be used to decorate any style of home because you can create different styles by using the same form.

  • White Christmas tree: Color the pallet tree with white color if you like to create “white Christmas” decor. Use transparent lights and silver Christmas ornaments.
  • Country chic Christmas tree: Leave the natural shades of wood, and use burlap and old fashion Christmas lights to create a country-style decor.
  • Minimal Christma tree: Make the surface of the wood as smooth as you can and use natural shades to paint it. To create a minimal decor do not use any Christmas ornaments, just use some simple white candles.
  • Colorful Christmas tree: Create a colorful decoration by painting each piece of wood with a different color. Use one color or silver-gold Christmas ornaments.
  • Outdoor Christmas tree: Use pallet trees as outdoor Christmas decor. They are heavier than ordinary Christmas trees, so there are ideal for bad weather or snow.

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