Metal Messenger Bag

This is a handmade messenger bag using logic, easily available materials and a touch of humor. Two black, Fishnet Legal…

3 years ago

Basket Made from Recycled Aluminum Pizza Pan

Metal, recycled aluminum, tote to hold items, and or boutique display.

3 years ago

Frida Kahlo Recycled Necklaces

12 periods of Frida Kahlo’s life in 12 necklaces gathered from long-forgotten objects.

3 years ago

Upcycled Soil Bag Into Gym Bag

Repurpose a soil bag and turn it into a draw-string bag.

3 years ago

Upcycled Jewelry Hanger

Repurpose sticks (or in my case, used firework sticks), wine corks and bottle caps to make a rustic-look bracelet and…

3 years ago

No-sew T-shirt Bag

Make an adorable tote bag with No sewing needed.

3 years ago

Necklace from Forgotten Objects of the past

Horse harness, beer opener, brass masks can all be turned into jewelry. See how I did it.

3 years ago

Upcycled Car Tires Into Sandals

Laura ZABO has created a wonderful new collection of upcycled car tires into sandals. These sandals are made from rejected…

4 years ago

Crochet Purse Made from Pajama Pants & Kimono

Funky colorful crochet purse made out of pajama pants, a kimono, and a mat cover!

5 years ago