Recycled Art

Concerto Grosso Nuovo Sculpture On A Cello

I made this Nuovo Sculpture using many components of musical instruments. Inspired by the many wondrous compositions created by ‘nouvo’ 19th-century artists, I took a few months to complete this idea. All of the various instruments, recording aspects, 78 recordings, time a work of music took to compose, the idea behind the composition, how long it took to play, etc. were all aspects I wanted to incorporate into the piece all using old parts of musical items.  Except, of course, the horns and brass ship portal.

My Nuovo Sculpture took a few months to complete!

I worked on and off on this for a few months because compositionally because I wanted it to look real. Some of the instruments were very hard to figure out how to attach to a curved cello surface. In person, it is quite large – almost 5′ tall. Connecting the French Horn manifolds to the curved top section of the cello was the hardest. Each piece took one to two days to set up. What composition would this instrument have inspired over 120 years ago?

With a combination of instruments and other musical-themed items, this sculpture has a steampunk feel.
How many musically-themed items can you identify on this sculpture?
The various items are attached to a cello body.
The finished sculpture.