Creative Upcycled Ironing Board Plant Stand!

Finally, I found the solution to put some of my plants on the mini balcony. I upcycled an old mini ironing board into this Ironing Board Plant Stand! This Ironing Board Plant Stand could be great in an entryway to catch your purse, keys, and light jackets, or even as a jewelry holder.

Just find an old metal mesh mini ironing board and spray paint it any color you wish. Next, add a few S-hooks through the mesh, and you’re ready to go after mounting it on the wall! It’s that simple! If you want to add plant holders, use plastic pots and mount them onto the ironing board.

Creative Upcycled Ironing Board Plant Stand! 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Here’s another way to use an old ironing board – make a cool Towel Rack! Here’s another fun upcycled metal project using Old License Plates & Pallets to make a can  & bottle dispenser!

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Jane Clark

I would just spray paint the ironing board something bright :)

Reply to  Jane Clark

Hi – Heather the admin. assistant here. I think your idea of doing a bright version of this Ironing Board Plant Stand would be great. If you make it, PLEASE share it in a post! I think that would be a very cheery idea! :D

Susan Svane

Ja du har jo det stadig ik’?

Natasja Svane

Jep det har jeg ?

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