Curtain With Repurposed Buttons

If you have 2000 or more unused odd buttons, try making a curtain as button crazy Isa


++ Made By Isa

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  • I'll do this one, I have so many buttons and was looking for such a curtain. Isa, sorry for steeling the idea but I love it.

  • if you have thin small buttons you can also make a necklace and I have seen a blouse adorned with buttons too.
    They can also be used on pillows and cushions. Maybe even used them to enhance a handbag.

  • I inherited tons of buttons, and I love that idea. I had been using them on picture frames and mirror frames as gifts. However, if you have a lot... keep an eye out for any rare or antique/vintage looking buttons. You can get a couple of bucks each on ebay. Thanks for the cool idea...

  • i love this, i also have collected buttons for a while, what type of thread did you use to string them together? Thanks, love your stuff.

  • I LOVE this idea...BUT, how do I keep them from getting tangled?? I'm starting to work on making these strings and right now they are getting tangled if I'm not careful. HELP!