Cushion Made of Lonely Socks

So many lonely socks… where does the other sock go? :) Don’t throw away your lonely or worn out socks. Make a cushion with them. I’ll show you in this article how to do it.

Materials needed:

  • 6 lonely or worn out socks,
  • 5 Meters of thin rope or halyard,
  • 10 Meters of T-shirt yarn (T-shirt cut into strips) or other ribbons to make round cushions,
  • Scissors,
  • A crochet needle or a darning needle.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Cut notches in the sock like this. Throw away the heel and toe part, if there are holes.

2. Put your hand in the sock and cut like the red lines.

3. Wrap the rope with the strips of socks.

4. Fasten approximately 1 Meter of T-shirt yarn to the end with a knot, and wrap it a few times around the “rope”.

5. Curl the end together, to make the beginning of a spiral. If necessary use a needle and thread to secure.

7. Take the crochet hook and put it under one of the first loops. Try to get hold of the yarn and pull all of it through the loop. Make an extra loop around the rope, a loop that is not attached to the loop on the previous circuit. You will need these extra loops for the upcoming circuits as the cushion grows bigger and bigger. Then pull the yarn under the next loop on the previous circuit.

8. Joint another Meter of yarn like this.

malena skote

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