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21 Delightfully Creepy Upcycled Doll Projects!

For some of us, it’s ALWAYS Halloween. We crave a touch of the twisted; savor the shock value. Something about a discarded doll can be beautiful, sad, and a bit scary that draws many crafters. We’ll showcase some of the best delightfully creepy upcycled doll projects! Be prepared to tread along the terminator line that divides art and horror; fabulous and freak show!

Use bits and pieces and create a wicked Evil Soldier Robot!

The creature that crawls in the night… or this amazing little doll-robot!

Make eye-catching and spine-tingly lamps like this Bright Baby Lamp Set!

Make your friends wonder just how bizarre you really are with these unusual little lamps made from doll parts.

Barbie Does Burlesque? With bright lights and all…

Avert your eyes, please! This almost-NSFW Barbie Burlesque Lamp will make ’em do a double-take!

Make unusual, hauntingly beautiful art with discarded bits & pieces like this “Joyous Spring” trash art! Forget those garden gnomes – this Dolly Trash Art Sculpture is much spookier and interesting!

Dolls & Hookahs… Yeah, they go together. Finally, get your money’s worth out of all of those old dolls! Just check it out! What’s not to love? It’s got a hookah and a creepy little doll face!

Dolls Make Chandeliers! Really! Put them to work, and dress ’em up any way you want to match your decor in this creative and conversation-stimulating chandelier.

Let’s get a little twisted with this Little Bestiary Sculpture!

Art that makes you shiver and also wants to take a closer look…

Make yourself a BabyDoll Coat Rack and wow your guests with your creepy creativity!

This is just too funny! It’s brilliant, and unique, and quirky, and flippant! But… it’s also functional!

Okay, so it’s not a baby doll… It’s another type of Doll for Adults transmogrified into a jacket!

It’s the first NSFW jacket these editors have seen. Sure to get some laughs – but don’t loan it out…

When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – like this Humanoid Face From Doll Parts

! This clever piece of artwork is like those drawings with the hidden image. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Just look at how many individual dolly parts – and various types of doll parts – went into this sculpture. It’s really quite stunning!

Don’t cry over broken dolls – make Barbie Jewelry instead!

Disturbing… but edgy. We like!

Light it up, Barbie! This Can-Can Dolly Chandelier looks like it is in motion even when still.

Creepy-Crawly-Dolly! Better than a Beware of Dog sign any day…

No more Empty-Headed Dollies with this idea! This is an unusual way to upcycle a doll head, but why not? It’s great, and would certainly make someone pause and look closer.

When you Wave Goodbye To Those Barbies… (the editors apologize for that pun)

And a WAAAAAAVE we go!

This Upcycled Doll Projects could be great for Halloween OR Christmas….or both! The EYES Have It! (yes, we’re apologizing again!).

Perfect for that Halloween tree! <3 EYE love it!

Blended Doll Art will certainly be a conversation piece!

Sculpture that makes you look closer to really see how something ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Beautiful? Frightening? Unique Doll Chandelier will turn heads!

If this piece was gold-leafed, it would look like an art deco piece! Beautiful, creepy, unique, and functional! It’ll set the tone for your haunt!

Be freaky, but keep it under wraps with this inspired Doll Lamp!

This lamp looks “normal” from the outside, but it’s like a candy-coated chocolate – there’s a surprise inside!

Make a Barbie Mandala! A fun Upcycled Doll Projects Idea! You could do a mandala-like this but mount it on a board – and hang it on the wall—an excellent way to make an art piece out of outgrown toys.

We know! They’re not Barbies, but c’mon – how cute is this Baby Mobile from Foosball Men?

Although these little guys aren’t official “dolls,” they’re adorable and make a super-cute mobile!

That’s all folks, but, since we’re talking all things doll, how about this Pallet Dolly High Chair?


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