Lamps & Lights

Dining Room Light Fixture From Recycled Plastic Roll

Using plastic from a big roll found in bulk pick-up, I created a modern/industrial dining room lighting fixture. I made it to fit over the existing fixture, which was too small for the space and boring. After removing the three glass shades, I had my places for the new shade on which to rest.

To begin, I measured the circumference of the fixture and the distance between each of the three lights. After deciding on the simplest and best-looking design, I rolled out the plastic sheet and cut it. I also cut three more smaller panels to sign up with the lights. After drilling holes, these were attached with bolts. I discarded one of the 3 panels when I noticed I could overlap the larger piece (the shade itself) and have it look just like one of the panels. After the bolts had been applied, the shade was held closed (creating the round shade). A larger bolt in the center of each panel allowed the shade to sit on the area around each of the lights of the original fixture.

It looks so awesome and much better than the pictures!