Diy : Kids Grocery Store

Diy : Kids Grocery Store 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
This simple grocery store can be made of salvaged wood and other recycled materials at home: left over fabric, table cloth, shower curtain, bins, wooden shoe rack, baskets, etc. Instead of buying bulky a big plastic play store/house-think outside the box and make your own. This option is healthier for the children: you inspire creativity and use wooden materials that are better for your home’s environment. Very cute!

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Sophie Meijers via Facebook
Sophie Meijers via Facebook

Yep, very cute, but no recycleart, is it?! You can make everything out of left overs, but this one isn’t.

Line Marcil

Wow Odette Gaudreault un marché

Odette Gaudreault

Oh boy ! Y va falloir agrandir le cpe ?

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