Pallet Coffee Bar

Since my blog break wasn’t planned, I still have some half-finished projects and blog posts, which I finally like to show you. Among other things, I will also show you more of my studio, which, despite my ostrich imitation, I have rearranged three times over the last half-year. Nothing says dissatisfaction with your life, like cursing alone at night while pushing 100kg cabinets through the room.

I love everything associated with coffee, and I have spent many happy moments in front of mobile coffee stations. Almost the first thing I’ve built for my studio was a coffee bar (okay, a coffee/tea bar), which was ridiculously easy to make from founded wood pallets, and still satisfies me to no end.

Pallet Coffee Bar 1 • Recycled Pallets
Pallet Coffee Bar 3 • Recycled Pallets


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A rude and unnecessary comment. If you don’t like an idea, move on.
You might want to think about why you feel the need to be so mean.

Reply to  Susan

Thanks Susan, I’m feeling the same than you. Why the need to leave such a rude comment, as you say, Karen if you don’t like it, move on, others will like it and will be inspired by this idea to make a bar out of pallets.

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