Toddler Pallet Bed

Toddler Pallet Bed 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Toddler Pallet Bed 3 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Toddler Pallet Bed 5 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

This toddler pallet bed is simply beautiful!



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OMG it is so awsome!!


I love the idea – it is very cool – but I’m a bit wary of using palettes for anything in the home, especially around children. Since they’re used in shipping, they could have been exposed to chemicals and we don’t have a good way of verifying it one way or another. Just a thought

ever thought of jet washing the timber when its still a pallet, ?

Jon Kelsey

If you don’t mind your toddler chewing on splintery wood that was used to transport all kinds of mystery goods, from hazardous chemicals to bags of manure…

Lori White Schreiter

That is yucky for a little kid to have as a bed.

Violetta Andorini

Not for a child somehow, a bit grim looking and splinter prone.

Ger Rus
Ger Rus

Too many splinters. Maybe if it’s been sanded and varnished it will be ok.

Michal Piccard

Spooky chamber of tortures

Laura Hillegass Weist
Laura Hillegass Weist

Not a good or safe idea for kids

Kate Turner

If treated, coated and painted with non toxic paint then maybe

Isabelle Lebon

Trop mignon, je crois que je vais récupérer des palettes à l’entrepôt pour faire les mêmes :-P

Poupou Pidou Monroes

Personne n’aura le même et çà ne viens pas de chez Ikéa ouffff

Gunyla Massada

moi j’aimerais faire un bureau comme celui-ci pour mon fils avec son lit de bébé je trouve ça génial

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