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Diy Video Tutorial: Biointensive Soil Prep

Large-scale farming isn’t always the healthiest way for biodiversity of plant species, causes soil depletion, and can cause pollution. Small-Scale Agriculture benefits you, your family, and your community, as well as the planet! But, before you decide to turn your backyard into a farm, learn the basics of Biointensive Soil Prep with this excellent video series from our friends at

Small-Scale Sustainable Agriculture Begins With Biointensive Soil Prep!

Check out this video from and learn how to begin your own small-scale farming. Make your soil healthy for vigorous growth and a bountiful harvest!

This DIY video tutorial series will show you the supplies you’ll need to get started!
Learn to assess your current soil conditions.
Composting? You bet! It makes use of waste materials and adds nutrients back to your garden.
Get dirty! Mix in amendments to create the perfect garden bed!

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