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Diy Video Tutorial: Candle Making Techniques

Check out this DIY Video Tutorial on Candle Making Techniques from our friends at Upcycling/recycling can be incorporated, even though you may be purchasing new raw materials. You can create candles in upcycled shapes including orange peels, old cans, and more. Reuse those baby food jars and make mini candles perfect for gift-giving!

DIY Video Tutorial: Candle Making Techniques will give you the basics about making candles at home. From there… who knows?

Make candles for your home decor, for practical applications, for relaxation, and as presents for friends and family. It’s a way to involve the older kids in hobbies that don’t need electronics every five minutes, too. Be sure to always supervise the children around melted wax!

This DIY Video Tutorial will teach you the basics of making candles at home!

Upcycle old molds, old clay pots and more to make great home decor or gifts!

Now, for the cute molds/holders: Make Tin Can Crowns to hold your homemade candles!

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