Diy Video Tutorial: Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit

The recycling and upcycling movement aren’t just about creating art pieces. It’s also about using and repairing what you have instead of just discarding it and replacing it when it breaks. But what about when you travel? Learn what tools you should have in your Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit for those summer cycling trips with the family! will show you the basics!

This DIY Video Tutorial will show you how to make your own easy-to-carry Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit!

The Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit doesn't weigh a lot but can fix a lot of problems. will show you some great ideas for a Take Along Toolkit so you can do on-the-fly repairs to keep your bicycling trip moving along!
Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit will have basic supplies for repairing tubes and other emergencies.
There are several videos to show you how to correct various issues on bicycles, but the first step is to have the right tools to be able to do the repairs.
Make your own Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit so those family bicycling trips are great!
There aren’t too many things you have to carry to be able to deal with a variety of issues. Preparedness is always a good thing when hiking, camping, bicycling, and other outdoor activities.


Check out the great video to make your own Emergency Tool Kit  Follow Sikana on YouTube & Facebook! Make a handy Bicycle Basket from Pallets! Make an amazing Bike Chandelier!


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