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Diy Video Tutorial: Led Landscape Lights Under 5 Bucks!

I made these Led Landscape Lights because I needed a long-lasting, affordable solution that would not take lots of expensive tools. I also wanted to do a project that just about anyone could make, and get the materials for!

Make these LED Landscape Lights for five dollars or less!

I was able to make these lights in a reasonable about of time. I can build one of these lights for about 45 min or less. So, I think you can too and maybe even faster! Everything that I am doing can be done with simple hand tools, or you can use power tools to speed things up. I hope you enjoy this project and I hope I inspire you to build your own.

This attractive project looks like you spent a LOT while only using common items and simple hand tools. Pretty cool, huh?
Light your outdoor living spaces and save money while adding a lot of styles!
These outdoor LED lights could even be a safety feature – light up those dark areas and keep your loved ones safe. But skip the ugly lights – do it with style! <3
Make these outdoor lights for under five dollars and are made from PVC pipe!
The clean lines and practicality of this project can add light, and highlight specialty features of your yard!
LED Landscape Lights are handy, and you don’t need expensive, hard-to-find bulbs. Use common bulbs available at any home center or discount retailer.

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  • All the flood lights at night are killing the nocturnal ecosystem. If you really care about the environment, find some other project!