Diy Video Tutorial: Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle

All you need is a Wipes Bottle such as a Clorox Disinfecting wipes canister, scissors, spray paint and marbled contact paper to create a great, and attractive, storage bottle.

We all use them, so instead of tossing them into the recycle bin, UPCYCLE them into this unusual Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle!

First, I popped the top off the canister and spray-painted it white. Then I removed the bright yellow Clorox packaging from the canister. I measured and cut a piece of marbled contact paper to fit around the canister. Finally, I carefully applied the adhesive contact paper to the canister, smoothing it out as I went along. I popped the top back on, and it’s ready to go! I no longer hide my Clorox bottles under my sink — Now I proudly display them on my countertops – making it easier to keep my home nice and clean!

Diy Video Tutorial: Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle 1 • Recycled Packaging
Learn how to create a marbled wipes container in just a few steps with readily-available supplies.
Use a common item we all seem to have around the house nowadays and turn these Wipes Bottle containers into functional art.
We all have these or similar cans of wipes dispensers around. We use them, and then we toss them, so why not make them more attractive?
Make a decorative Wipes Bottle with the crafter's DIY video!
Get that label off! Thankfully, this project only requires a few simple tools and steps!
Let's get started. Now that the label is removed, you can start decorating the Wipes Bottle.
The prep work is done. Time to have some fun!
Apply the cut contact paper to the canister and you're almost finished.
Cut the contact paper to length and apply it around the canister.
Complete! Now put this canister back into service since you've made an attractive Wipes Bottle.
Much more attractive. Then, make a custom label to identify whatever contents you put in, and put this project into service!

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