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Diy Video Tutorial: Reducing Kitchen Energy Consumption

Part of the upcycling movement is the concept of reducing one’s “carbon footprint.” One easy way to do so is to reduce the amount of energy you’re using. The most important room in the house is a great place to start – Reducing Kitchen Energy Consumption can save you money!

Find out how you can start lowering your Kitchen Energy Consumption and raising your bank account!

Easy maintenance tips can save you money. Each thing you do adds up!
Cleaning the coils on your refrigerator can make a difference in the performance of your fridge. It gets worse when you have pets! Your coils may be underneath the cooler. Do this vacuuming task each time you change the batteries in your fire alarms, or more frequently depending on how fuzzy your coils get!
Although most refrigerators are frost-free nowadays, some of you rent, and the property may still have an older unit. That buildup of ice on the freezer coils makes the fridge less efficient.
Save money by using your refrigerator more efficiently. Some items don’t need to be chilled as much as others, so utilize the shelving appropriately. Additionally, an empty fridge is less efficient than a fuller one.
At first, this doesn’t seem to make sense, but a dirty oven leaks heat or needs more energy to heat up the build-up, particularly when there is baked-on residue around the seals of the oven!


Watch the DIY Video Tutorial by to learn Kitchen Economy-Tips!  Turn a Tin Can Into A Faux Ceramic Container!