Diy Video Tutorial: Refashioned Tank Top From Men’s Shirt

My DIY Video Tutorial teaches you how to stylishly upcycle men’s old dress shirts into a breezy and cute V-neck Tank Top.  If you don’t have an old shirt, purchase one at a thrift store or yard sale.

Refashion an old dress shirt into an excellent Tank Top or Camisole with help from the DIY Video Tutorial!

This shirt cost approximately $2.50. I used a XL-sized shirt to create this size 6 top.  I bought this one at the thrift store and it cost me about $2.50. This is a size 6 and the shirt was an XL. Probably, you’ll need more than one shirt if you want to make a bigger size. You can download the FREE patterns here:

The pattern contains FRONT and BACK pieces (x2) and Front and Back Facings (cut on the fold). The straps are made with the seams of the shirt.

STRAP LENGTHS (note: this is an approximate measure. BEFORE cutting, try the top on and adjust to the correct length.

  • Small size:  4-6: 8.75″ (x4)
  • Medium size:  8-10: 9.125″ (x4)
  • Large size:  12-14: 9.5″ (x4)
  • A bit larger size  16-18: 9.875″ (x4)
Have fun with pattern direction to make a unique tank top that is both summer-ready, or looks stylish under a blazer a camisole. You may need to use more than one dress shirt for medium to large pattern sizes. Additionally, changing the direction of the pattern may cause more material loss.
Patterned or textured dress shirts make excellent material sources. Who knew a man’s dress shirt could look so feminine? Mix and match colors for added upcycled style while saving money!

Salvage vintage sewing machine cases and cabinets with pallet wood.  Refresh those vintage folding chairs instead of throwing them away!

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