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Diy Video Tutorial: Scrap Wood Finishing Station

I needed a cabinet to hold all my stain, lacquer, brushes, bench cookies, rags, and cup containers. I wanted them all in one location and easily accessible. So, I built this Scrap Wood Finishing Station. Additionally, I used a recycled plastic lid for the cup dispenser diaphragm.

Get your woodworking area organized, and have everything easily visible and at hand. You can even add doors to the front if you chose, but I wanted to have everything visible. When things are neat and organized, I don’t mind seeing them and having them easily accessible if my hands are dirty, too.

Editor’s note: We’re envious of this cabinet and will be heading out to our own work areas to make a copy soon!

Diy Video Tutorial: Scrap Wood Finishing Station 1 • Diy video tutorials
Diy Video Tutorial: Scrap Wood Finishing Station 3 • Diy video tutorials

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