Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments

After you finish those chips, save the packaging and create Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments! Upcycled Design Lab has created a brilliant DIY Video Tutorial to show you how!

Upcycle wrappers and junk mail into cheery Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments!

I have never made this type of ornament before, but I thought it would be fun to try. Is there a specific name for this shape? Anyways, I have seen them made from all kinds of different papers and even old Christmas cards.

Since we have four furry creatures in our home, I am always looking for nonbreakable ways to decorate. This idea seemed like a perfect fit. I started with an empty Cheetos bag and some cardstock-weight junk mail. I used rubber cement to glue the two layers together. Watch my DIY Video Tutorial and make your holiday ornaments! This project is a fantastic project to get the kids off of their electronic devices, too!

Create Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments with everyday packaging!
Turn off those devices, grab the old packaging and start crafting! Make memories as you make creative holiday ornaments.
Use the heavier cardstock weight junk mail and any foiled packaging you choose to make Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments.
Examples of packaging products I upcycled into Christmas ornaments.
Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments start out with simple cutting and folding.
Can you see the shapes taking form?

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