Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Stencils To Beautify Your Home

Wallpaper is expensive, and difficult to install. Painting is easier, but can be a little drab. Add some style and flair the easy way to beautify your home Using Wall Stencils!

Wall Stencils are fun, and the possibilities are endless!

Stencils are a simple process. You can purchase stencils or you can make your own. Choose your color(s), get a stenciling sponge and prepare to have a great time creating a unique expression of your style!

Wall Stencils start simply. Pick your stencil, get some paint and a stenciling sponge, and get your hands dirty!
This DIY Video Tutorial will show you how easy and creative doing your own wall stencils will be!
You need a saturated sponge, but not too wet. You don't want to daub the sponge and then have excess run out and over the edge of the stencil.
Load up your stenciling sponge, but not too much! You don’t want to press on the wall and have excess paint squeeze out and over the edge of the stencil! You’re better off with having to go back and touch up an area than having too much paint!
Wall Stencils never sit flush against the wall. You'll have to apply a little pressure with your free hand to ensure that the stencil will be flush against the wall.
After taping up the stencil, it’s common that it may bow away from the wall a bit. Just use your free hand and hold it tightly against the wall, and begin dabbing.

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