Diy Video Tutorial: Zucchini Soup? Yes, Upcycle Those Summer Zucchini!

Many upcyclers enjoy composting and growing their own vegetables. One of the easiest to grow is zucchini. Unfortunately, they grow like CRAZY, and there are only so many bags of zucchini your neighbors want. Don’t throw those extras in the compost bin! Upcycle them into a delicious Zucchini Soup!

Zucchini Soup is easy, especially when you have a DIY Video Tutorial from our partners at!

Zucchini Soup is a great way to turn those extra summer zucchini into a delicious, healthy meal.
This straightforward and refreshing dish begins with basic ingredients most have in their refrigerator or pantry already!
Zucchini Soup is easy!
This soup starts out easy – just chop up some essential ingredients! A great family meal to prepare together.
The DIY Video will show you how to easily upcycle those extra zucchini into a yummy summer soup!
Don’t anger your neighbors with the extra zucchini the garden produces each year. Instead, gift them with a yummy pot of zucchini soup!
Zucchini Soup - sweat onions down - can you smell them?
Mmmmm! Can you smell those onions sweating in the pot? I can!
This easy soup is a one-pot meal!
There is nothing better than a one-pot meal! Just enjoy and then store away the extra. Your dishes will be a quick cleanup.
Zucchini Soup looks delicious! Add a sprig of cilantro or parsley and you're ready to go! Simple and easy.
Now that looks like a serving of summer in a bowl! Yum! And you didn’t waste the extra zucchini!

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