Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

DIY: Watch Parts Into Pendants

Watches are one of my favorite crafting supplies. Does anyone even wear them anymore? Well, I stopped wearing them a long time ago, and that’s about the same time I started crafting with them. In my last project, I made some watch face earrings.

Today I am carrying on with the upcycled watch parts theme with some fun pendant necklaces. For this project, I will be using the empty watch cases from last week’s project. It is a fun project because you can use your imagination to develop unique ideas to fill the empty watch casings.

I used some paint, puffed rice, the winding pin from the watches, watch faces, and other small trinkets to decorate the pendants that I made. The first step is to remove the watch’s back and take out the watch’s face and watch mechanism. This leaves you with the back piece and the crystal front piece.

All you need to do then is assemble your mixed media design inside, close the watch back up and add some chain. You can use paper, clay, small metal object. For this pendant, I shaped the hearts from a small jump ring.

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