Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Because with recycling & upcycling, DIY is the main word, discover in this category many recycled Do-It-Yourself ideas & projects.

How to Repurpose Mardi Gras Beads into Sculpture using a Mannequin Torso

A beautiful pearl-encrusted mannequin torso like the one above is super easy to create. The only skill needed is patience…

1 year ago

The Best Way To Take Apart A Pallet!

After 7 years of working with pallets, this is, in my opinion, the best way to take apart a pallet…

3 years ago

DIY Seasonal Spring Wall Hanging

Learn how to make a pretty seasonal wall hanging to display fresh flowers.

3 years ago

How to Make Fancy Flatware – Decorated Spoons – Easy Last-minute Gift Idea

If you are like me you can always use a new idea for a quick and easy gift idea. And…

3 years ago

Easy Christmas Wall Art Ideas Using Natural Materials

Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with decorations, even if you are a beginner or afraid of big and…

3 years ago

5 Examples of Creative Ways to Turn Trash into Cash

Nowadays, our planet is literally drowning in garbage. The amount of global waste has reached unimaginable numbers and, unfortunately, very…

4 years ago

How to Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Wreaths into Perfect Summer Décor

Christmas comes and goes so quickly, that by January 1st you’re often sat wondering, why did I bother spending time…

4 years ago

Rusty Mezzaluna Rescue – Antique Rusty Double Knife Restoration

When something is broken, most people will throw it away. I want to show you that a better idea is…

4 years ago

Diy: Cleaning up Your Vintage And/Or Antique Sewing Machines

Many of us swear by specific products. I’m a fan of many of them because what works on one brand…

5 years ago