Recycled Art

Don Quijote De La Mancha Upcycled Scrap Sculpture

I started this Don Quijote Upcycled Scrap Sculpture more than three years ago, but somehow it stayed unfinished until yesterday. :) Most important: that was my first experience with a hot glue gun!

Upcycled Scrap Sculpture is a creative way to express yourself and using mixed media creatively.

Grab your glue gun and have some fun! This mixed-media scrap sculpture should be a great inspiration for your own creations!

A little hot glue can make quite an impression! This fun upcycled sculpture uses an interesting combination of mixed media.

With a unique combination of upcycled materials like this Don Quijote De La Mancha Sculpture, you’ll need to add some Floating Pallet Shelves

to hold extra lighting or these interesting Garbage Lamps!
Martin JNikopensius