Driftwood Mirrors

These mirrors are made out of driftwood from puerto vallarta on the Pacific coast.

Driftwood Mirrors 1 • Recycled Art

Driftwood Mirrors 2 • Recycled Art

Driftwood Mirrors 3 • Recycled Art

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Roxio artist
Roxio artist

I’m artist painting; I recycled the differents furnitures, wiith painting, assabling others old objets to recreate my art work.
I want posted a link in your site web , thank

Elli D.

I really do appreciate all artists who use materials once used for something else, just ordinary thing that other people would throw out instantly after usage and turn them into something special that can brighten the room like these mirrors. I like wood in the interiors very much but sometimes when it is manufactured, you just cannot help to find it very unnatural. I will probably get one of these for my house.

Gerold Russello via Facebook
Gerold Russello via Facebook


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