Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Easy Christmas Wall Art Ideas Using Natural Materials

Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with decorations, even if you are a beginner or afraid of big and drastic changes in your space. Styleitchic picked up 5+1 easy Christmas decorations that will give the Christmas tone to the walls of your home.

A white canvas formed the base to secure a twig (with the help of silicone or string) that holds the Christmas balls and creates a modern and minimal composition that can adorn the entrance, hallway or wall on the fireplace.

In any store in the Christmas period of time, you can find very cheap prices on wooden ornaments such as wooden stars. Choose those that have a small hole for them to hang or alternatively create clay stars with your children. Tie each star with a twine and hang them all together on a branch that has the right dimensions to cover your wall.

Create an impressive wall Christmas tree that looks very special and unique but is very simple to make. Assemble 6-10 wood branches of medium thickness and different lengths and place them on the floor to see what layout you like.

Drill the branches to the left and right so that the string can be passed to hold them all together. Hang the tree on the wall and decorate it with Christmas balls and ornaments in matte gold or silver Christmas decor.

Some wooden boards that may be forgotten in a warehouse, can be transformed with a little white paint and an appetite for creation. Simple tree shapes, especially if they are painted by children, will create a very beautiful fireplace composition.

Use a dining runner made by driftwood or nature material as a base, and fasten with silicone or nail the second fabric in the color you like. Fasten Christmas ornaments on the fabric. Depending on the color of the fabric or the ornaments you can create many different variations, which can adorn your wall and other seasons, not just Christmas.

Create a minimalist and vintage style wreath in a minimal amount of time, using a metallic hanger to cut the hook and wrap it around a large round bowl to give the wire a uniform shape. Then, decorate the base with branches and some decorative bells.


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