Recycled Cardboard

Easy DIY: Make a Decorative Framed Mirror Using Recycled Cardboard and a Glue Gun

This is a fun and easy project that almost anyone can complete. Easy enough for a kid to do, but with the fine home decor detail that one would think it was crafted by a pro.

It uses recycled cardboard as its frame. And a dollar store mirror is what fits inside it.

But how does it get that cool embossed look?

With just a little glue gun glue applied in a thought out design and a little paint and no one will how you accomplished such a fine, embossed, home decor piece.


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  • Thanks for the interesting idea. I will definitely try. I strongly support the idea of giving a second life to things that I have not used for a long time, but sometimes I still have to get rid of such things, and then I hand them over for recycling.