Easy Ideas to Reuse Old Cd’s

We all have somewhere, forgotten in a drawer or cupboard, old and scratched cd’s which we fly every time we organize our music collection or collection of movies. Today I suggest creative ideas to recycle these leftover cd’s, renewing them into various & utilitarian objects. The technic is almost the same to all of the bellow DIYs, after you gather the old cd’s, start to cut them into small pieces with scissors and then begin to stick the pieces on the surface one by one, using glue.

  1. Platters or Trays,
  2. Wooden jewelry boxes,
  3. Mirrors,
  4. Tables.


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  • A week ago I found my old CD collection. More then half of the CDs don't function anymore and have no value for me anymore. I am from the people who try to reduce their waste as much as possible so I don't want to throw them before try to recycle them first. These are all awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing!