Egg Cartons Objects

Anna Zaborski is making sculpture and lights with recycled egg cartons.

Egg carton turtle
egg cartons light


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Candace Humphrey
Candace Humphrey

i like turtles :) tehe! they spark me!

A.K.A turn me on

i acually have to tell you a little story, i had 23 turtles, back in the day, and OH

McFlurry Man
McFlurry Man

Candace, or Ms Humphrey:
I like the way you think, turtles actually spark me too ;) wink wink. I love your story too, it’s really uplifting and inspired me to think more and act and the ways of which how to figure out the circumference of a circle.

Candace Humphrey
Candace Humphrey

wow mr. McFlurry Man!
i never thought that i would meet such a person. wanna hang, and if anyone else wants to join then feel free? like the way you think, and thank you for the lovely comments on my story. i recently bought four more turtles actually, i call them tu ti to and ta aka mcflurry, just for you. :D
i would love to catch up some day and i could introduce you to my turtles.
lol (lots of love), u r qt. <3


can I join? ;)

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